About Farmington Foods

Farmington Foods: Commitment to quality

Since its beginning as a fresh pork processer, Forest Park Illinois-based Farmington Foods has been synonymous with consistent quality products, responsive customer relationships and the flexibility to meet the needs of a changing marketplace. 

A diverse product line

At Farmington, our fresh meats, portioned products, cooked ribs and prepared foods are processed and packaged by professional meat-cutters. We select top-quality meats from reputable suppliers, and thanks to our efficient USDA inspected, SQF Level 2 processing facilities and systems, we deliver on customer expectations with every single order. 

Custom capability in cooked foods

Farmington Foods also offers both retail and foodservice customers the capability to custom create and cook a variety of meat and center-of-the-plate products. 

Depending on your customers' needs, your menu and your market demographics, we can prepare both conventional and signature meat products with any of the following cooking techniques:
  • Roasting
  • Smoking (natural hard wood smoke)
  • Cold smoking
  • Steam cooking
  • Dry and humidity-controlled combinations

With a modern cooking facility in Forest Park Illinois, Farmington is poised to develop strategic partnerships to portion and process high-end, signature food products tailored for your operations and your clientele.

Packaging options

We also offer packaging choices to address shelf life, sensory and value-added requirements, including: 

  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to maintain product color and quality
  • Case-ready systems that look like a butcher just packed it fresh to order
  • Vacuum packaging and conventional tray-overwrap packaging
  • Cook in Bag Technology

Private labeling

Farmington Foods has both the expertise and the flexibility to handle numerous private-label projects. For details, contact us by clicking the link below. 

For more than four decades, the name Farmington Foods has stood for quality and reliability. Because of our commitment to excellence at every stage of our operations, we set the standard for customer satisfaction and product quality. 

At Farmington, we still believe that pride in what we sell makes a difference. Let us provide the foods that help your customers turn ordinary meals into memorable occasions. 

Want to learn more about our product lines, custom options and private-label capability? Contact us for a conversation or a quote.


Why Farmington? Quality and flexibility.

Founded over 40 years ago as high-quality meat processer, Forest Park Illinois-based, family-owned Farmington Foods specializes in portioning and packaging of fresh pork and other quality meats and custom cooking of prepared foods. 
Farmington is your preferred source for a full line of food-safety assured, custom-boned, value-added pork products and special orders, including:
  • Pork chops
  • Boneless pork
  • Baby back ribs and St. Louis-style spareribs
  • Pre-packaged kabobs made with beef, chicken and pork
  • Frenched pork racks
  • Seasoned pork tenderloins and roasts
We also offer pre-seasoned, marinated boneless center-of-the-plate meat products as well as an enhanced, fresh beef, pork, and poultry program. 

How we're different

Farmington Foods is a highly flexible, responsible and efficient partner with a heritage of helping customers meet their most demanding needs for consistent quality products prepared and delivered quickly. 

Why that matters

Thanks to its efficiency and expertise, Farmington serves its retail, institutional and foodservice accounts in a variety of ways:
  • As a full-service, primary vendor
  • As a flexible supplier to fill gaps in retail fresh meat programs
  • As a responsive supplier for short-term demand tied to seasonal sales and special features
  • As a custom boning, portioning and prepared meats processors
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