The finest in fresh meats

From hand-trimmed meats to portioned products, Farmington Foods has the capability to meet your needs, whether fulfilling long-term orders, short-term orders or developing specialty products. 

All of our products are carefully sourced, selected and portioned by professionals in our own plant. Equally important, we focus on the highest standards of food safety, including: 

• USDA Inspected Plants
• SQF Level 2 Certified procedures and processes
• Specific training courses for employees
• Thorough testing of products and the operating environment to ensure cleanliness 

From our wide assortment of marinated pork, ribs and portion-controlled chops to a growing line of custom-cooked prepared meats, we guarantee a consistently superior product. Our goal is to help your customers turn ordinary meals into memorable dining occasions.


Farmington Foods product line includes:

Farmington Foods - Bone-in Pork

Bone-in Pork

Bone-in and custom-portioned pork chops, pork racks, bone-in center cuts, loin ends and rib ends.
Farmington Foods - Boneless Pork

Boneless Pork

Center-cut loins, custom-portioned boneless chops, pork roasts, diced pork and pork sirloins.
Farmington Foods - Pork Ribs

Pork Ribs

Baby back ribs, St. Louis style ribs, brisket bones.
Farmington Foods - Tenderloins


Lean, close-trimmed pork tenderloins.
Farmington Foods - Specialty Products

Specialty Products

Meat loaf mix, ground pork, beef, pork and chicken kabobs and skewered pork.